A To Zebra

Dumbbells needed. From A to Zebra. A. Dumbbell standing shoulder press. B. Burpees C. Toe touch crunches D. Dumbbell Squats. E. Supermans F.Dumbbell alternating forward lunges G. Goblet squats H. Hammer curls I. Push-ups J. Jumping jacks K. Curl to press L. Dumbbell lateral raises M. Bicycle crunches N. REST (1 Minute) O. Bicep curls P. Dumbbell curl to press Q. Jumping jacks R. Bicycle crunches S. Supermans T. Squat Jumps U. Upright row (dumbbell) V. V-ups W. Table top crunches X. Dumbbell front Raises Y. Dumbbell standing shoulder press Z. Zero Excuses Perform each exercise A to Z for 40 seconds each. Rest as needed
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Total Sessions Total Athletes
Rank Athlete Points When
1 Sara 348.1 316 days
2 Diego 17.9 49 days
3 craig_bolt... 13.3 99 days
4 dvorozilch... 0.0 119 days
5 lvgfitness... 0.0 285 days