Fitness I.Q.

Bodyweight exercises only. Fitness I.Q. is a workout designed as a baseline fitness assessment. The workout contains 5 exercises: Push-ups, Prisoner Squats, Sit-ups, Burpees, and Jumping Jacks. Each exercise is performed back to back for time, for 3 sets: 45 seconds, 30 seconds, and finally 15 seconds. Complete as many reps as possible with the best possible form. At the end of the workout, your performance score will be your Fitness I.Q. The Fitness I.Q. is a great reference to test at the beginning of a workout program and again at the end to gauge progress. It is also a great way to compete with friends and anyone else who has performed the workout.
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Total Sessions Total Athletes
Rank Athlete Points When
1 Doogles 318.5 198 days ago
2 gerardo.mr1 274.7 187 days ago
3 GerardoMR 250.3 134 days ago
4 Sara 212.8 146 days ago
5 dvorozilchak2 196.2 198 days ago
6 mange 0.0 95 days ago
7 bronze0171 0.0 139 days ago
8 thlivia1 0.0 156 days ago
9 lvgfitnessstudi... 0.0 157 days ago